About Us

Sheard Auctioneers was officially registered as a Closed Corporation in 1998.


The Members are the father and son team, of Chris and Ian Sheard. Together these two men, share a vast knowledge of the livestock industry, with over 25 years of experience.


They live their values of



Whether it be a Livestock Sale, a dispersal sale, Breeding Stock, or any other auction, they are the team to contact.


Chris and Ian both farm in the Cathcart district. They are very community-driven, and always lend a helping hand. Whether it’s a Grass Rally, a Golf Day, or any other event, you are sure to encounter them along the way.


Being farmers, they realize the importance of a good value chain for the farmer. They can obtain the best price for livestock whether for slaughter, the trade market, or breeding stock.


Both men have their own cattle stud, Chris with a SENEPOL BEEF stud, and Ian with a BRAHMAN stud.


Many farmers in the area and further afield, have made use of animals in their commercial herds very successfully. Smaller breeders, they supported through the Eastern Cape Multibreed sale, with several going on to host their production sale of their own.


Transportation of stock has always been important and Chris can provide transport at a very competitive rate, to and from auction sales and other market points of sale.
The company sports a very comprehensive property division as well!

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